Workplace Mental Health Training Course 2 Day course

Workplace Mental Health Training Course 2 Day course

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Do you support the mental health of your diverse team? Our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course will teach you how to safeguard the mental wellbeing of your team and help create a positive working environment. Poor mental health leads to 70 million lost working days each year and has a massive impact on the hair and beauty industry! As a trained mental health first aider you will be able to help protect the mental health of your team whatever 2022 throws at them.

The course is delivered online and is available to both members and non-members. You will learn about:

  • What mental health means and what factors influence it
  • Suicide and the effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Non-judgemental listening and the importance of self-care
  • Explore anxiety, panic attacks and crisis first aid
  • Mental health recovery and building a mentally healthy workplace
  • And more!

Our course is made up of both individual learning activities and a series of live sessions. Individual learning will be based on a combination of videos, workbook activities and reading. This can be done at your own pace in advance of each live session. The live sessions are led by Clair Orton. Clair Orton is an Instructor Member approved by MHFA England to deliver Adult MHFA courses within Good Salon Guide.

Course Details
  • Dates: next course coming soon!
  • Cost: £250 / €280 for Good Salon Guide members or £275 / €310 for non-members. A payment plan is available for all Good Salon Guide members.
  • Qualification: Upon completion of the course, you will be a fully trained Mental Health First Aider as recognised by Mental Health First Aid England

Feedback on previous courses:

 Just to say THANK YOU. It was a great course and lovely to meet you and the ladies, good experience, and hopefully be able to put it to some good practice. - Dee Terry, Wavelengths 

I have always felt in our industry that there isn’t enough focus on dealing with our clients mental health, which can be taxing on us as stylists who are trained highly in our craft but not in what is required to deal with our clients who often throw many personal problems at us whilst they are in our chair.

This course has not only provided me with the tools to recognise key signs and symptoms with my clients, but will also enable me to help my staff, and on a personal level my family and friends. I have really enjoyed the course and the process, and I feel confident going back into the salon with the right tools for myself, my clients, and my team. This course is for everyone, and I can highly recommend it in giving you a sound knowledge of mental health first aid. Clair was excellent with her support, and the peers I met was a fantastic bonus. This was time well invested for my business, and I can honestly say I’m so glad and proud to have my certificate. - Teresa Weller of Teresa Weller HairART 

 My name is Emilia John and I work at Gilded Hair. I have just completed the mental health first aid course run by Good Salon Guide, and for me this has been not only understanding how to be of a support to someone but also a journey of self-reflection.

Coming onto the course I was a little anxious, being that I do not run a team of people and being so young, but it blew my expectations and the amount I have gained from it was incredible as well as gaining new friends!

My instructors were great at delivering the course, and they made it such a comfortable space! I would highly recommend this course to any salon or stylist.

Thank you GSG for bringing this opportunity about. - Emilia John, Gilded Hair

Just wanted to thank you both for making the course both thought provoking and informative, I feel so empowered to look after my own metal health as well as support others. Will definitely be spreading the word! - Lisa Blowey, Quinns Hairdressing